Cozicruz is a small-medium sized Portuguese company with more than 20 years’ experience. With a widely acknowledged know-how in designing, manufacturing and assembling kitchens and bathrooms, the company has been broadening its activity to the furniture industry. Thanks to its flexibility, it is prepared to answer smaller private projects as well as larger ones, always adopting specific aesthetic and technical solutions which best adapt to the reality.

With a significant business volume, the company enjoys a solid credibility with clients and suppliers and is a reference in the industry.

In order to strengthen its presence in the market and meet the highest standards of European clients, the company is implementing a Quality Management System, according to norm NP EN ISO 9001.


Cozicruz recognizes that success is achieved when human resources can meet the daily challenges they face. For that reason, the company is continually and increasingly investing in the selection and recruitment of people with a high level of technical training and values fitting the present-day culture of excellence. To maintain high levels of performance, motivation and cohesion, the company develops an annual training plan to decrease any insufficiencies and/or updating needs in the work team.

Therefore, the group’s activity is seen as a constant challenge, either in terms of work methods, product quality, prompt delivery or client service.

With a significant business volume in the European Union market, with special emphasis on Portugal, the company enjoys a solid credibility with clients and suppliers and is a reference company.


Cozicruz holds a good sized, highly efficient production area, as well as an adequate storing space. Product quality is always a concern, as well as high productivity and good working conditions for employees, and the company has always invested in modern equipment with a high technical and technological component.

Therefore, today, the company is ready to manufacture different types of furniture to provide customised technical solutions. These characteristics have allowed the company to present quality furniture, with a modern design, at a competitive price, which has ranked it highly amongst competitors.

Cozicruz designs customised solutions using the most recent technologies, which allow experimentation with a future reality, so to speak.