Cozicruz offers its clients more than 20 years’ experience and all the know-how gathered in designing furniture solutions for practical and functional spaces, making the most of its features, with a unique aesthetics. We take into account the concerns and aesthetics characteristics envisioned by clients, the correct dimension of the spaces, the existing architecture and integration with other living areas, to design customised solutions using the most recent technologies, which allow experimentation with a future reality, so to speak.

Through constant learning and regularly attendance at the largest and most renowned international events, Cozicruz professionals are able to present the most modern and innovative solutions.


A Cozicruz dispõe de uma importante área de fabrico, com equipamentos de ponta ao nível técnico e tecnológico, que estão sujeitos a uma manutenção rigorosa e contínua. Assim, após uma cuidada e pensada fase de projecto, compete a uma equipa de profissionais altamente competente e experiente, transformar a solução projectada em realidade.
Tão importante quanto os recursos humanos e técnicos, está a cuidada selecção que é realizada ao nível dos materiais. Assim, desde a qualidade da madeira em bruto, às tintas e vernizes, aos laminados e terminando nos acessórios, tudo passa por um rigoroso escrutínio, para que o produto final no cliente possa ter uma qualidade inquestionável.

Cozicruz furniture is unique, has guaranteed quality and can turn an ordinary space into something remarkable, a place where you feel like returning, again and again.


Cozicruz has several assembling teams and can deliver products in any part of Europe. With the help of multidisciplinary co-workers, the company can swiftly deliver its products, while taking the clients’ spaces into account, which more often than less, are already inhabited, in an efficient way, handling its activities with other responsibilities.

Always bearing in mind the meeting of deadlines, this final phase of the company’s services places great focus on detail and finishing. The work is only finished when the client is completely satisfied with the acquired product.

The whole process’ final goal is to please the client and, for that reason, all requisites are met and always try to surpass the client’s expectations.